The Db2 -DISPLAY command is the DBA’s X-ray machine

Wednesday, 6 listopad, 2021 - 10:00 - 11:00
z/OS Track
Paul Oostvogels
Each release of Db2, and now even some function levels, have extended the capability and the information returned. There really is a wealth of information, if only you knew where to look.
This session will walk you through the latest additions to the -DISPLAY command with Db2 12 and show examples highlighting where to look, what it all means and why it is useful for the DBA.
Display command has 20 subparameters each with their own set of subparameters. DISPLAY command has been extended over all the releases, even the latest function levels have delivered to the DISPLAY command. 
The session is not about how to manually check the status of …….. using the DISPLAY command. Nor is it about the syntax -there is sufficient support to get the command semantically correct. 
It is all about the informational messages as output of the command which contain a wealth of information, representing often actionable insights. 
Walk thru the latest additions to DISPLAY command and interpretation of the outputs


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