8 Reasons to Come

1. Tradition

This year SQLAdria is celebrating 24th year of its existence. It started as a local user group and in the past editions it increased attendance every year. SQLAdria Conference in Dubrovnik, Šibenik or Vodice is now a international event. As always there will be an additional CA DB2 User Day, in the same format as the more famous one, preceding the IDUG conferences, where you’ll be able to see presentations focusing on CA Solutions for DB2 (news, announcements, etc). IBM had awarded SQLAdria the prize for the best EMEA DB2 User Group.

2. Great Speakers

There will be Steve Thomas, Eberhard Hechler, Jane Man, Philippe Dubost, Tom Juhl, Denis Tronin, Zeljen Stanic, Les King, Chris Crone, Emil Kotrc, Jan Marek, Kelly Schlamb, Mark Murnane and Cristian Molaro.

3. Value

This year we’ll have z/OS and LUW track available. There will be one day seminars too. SQLAdria is an Independent User Group and acts as IDUG RUG. The agenda includes several Knowledge Transfer presentations on pure DB2 technology from internationally known, independent speakers. The same speakers presenting at IDUG and IBM conferences.

4. Registration Costs

Registration is really symbolic – 600 €. And in Šibenik you will find best in class speakers. One day seminars for 250 € only.

5. Travel Costs

Hotel costs in Šibenik are also not expensive.

6. Informal

Sitting on the terrace during breaks and talking about DB2 topics with Steve, Chris or Namik or some of CA and other experts adds even more value to each business day in a relaxed environment where you don’t have to stay in a queue for an hour in order to ask the speakers your specific question.

7. More interactive

At SQLAdria we expect a limited number of attendees. Every session will then be more interactive – more time for Q&As. Attendees will also have an additional opportunity to have most of DB2’s best experts and speakers available at the same time in one place.

8. Exchanging ideas and experiences with peer’s experts

As at no other conference attendees will be able to share their experiences with colleagues, CA experts and with IBM and independent gurus on DB2 topics. And last but not the least… the VENUE (I wanted to separate this point because it’s not strictly business focus). Šibenik is really a fantastic place in June, the hotel is the best in the area and the sponsors (CA and IBM) will make it even more interesting for the attendees by organizing dinners and opportunities to have fun together.



SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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Events in 2024

VODICE -  10th - 13th June 2024