Every year two one-day conferences have been organized. Our spring conference is usually in Slovenia and the autumn conference is in Croatia. On the conference, 4-5 presentations are held. One of them is the user presentation that covers the solutions and experiences in practice. Each vendor member can be the sponsor of the conferences. The sponsor proposes the topic for one or two presentations, that should be approved by the presidency and other vendor members. Being the member of SQL Adria, companies and vendors have the opportunity to send five participants to attend each conference and/or seminar without paying the conference fee.

The three-days summer conference is a full hit – for the last six years it has been gathering the great experts – Steve Thomas, Namik Hrle, Christopher Crone, Cristian Molaro, Matthias Nicola, Dan Luksetich, Susan Lawson, Željen Stanić,…who have been sharing their knowledge and experiences with the participants – let me mention how interesting their presentations are! The traditional sponsor of these conferences is CA, who also has its user day, at the beginning of the conference, where presentations focusing on CA solutions and announcements could be seen.

Every year it is held in Dubrovnik, but this year it will be held in Šibenik . Due to the all these facts, and the fact that the number of attendees is getting bigger every year, this conference has become the real international event.
The last, but not the least, the two-days seminar is usually held in November, under the sponsorship of IBM. It covers one specific topic (last year Enterprise Content Management, the year before XML, SQL Performance Management,….) that is worked out in detail. As we are all in the process of continous learning, attending the conferences and the seminars are the great possibility to brush up our knowledge and learn something new!



SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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Events in 2024

VODICE -  10th - 13th June 2024