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SQLAdria is a non-profit organisation founded by users of relational databases in Croatia and Slovenia. The goal of the organisation is to encourage the flow of information, through continual professional training of users themselves, by creating topics and seminars based on their needs, development and application of new software solutions.

1. We have tradition
2014 was the 20th anniversary of SQLAdria. What began as a local user group turned into an organisation with a growing number of members every year.  SQLAdria seminar in Dubrovnik and Šibenik became an international event with two parallel events: z/OS and LUW track.
Special events for DB2 users are organised as a part of the seminar. They are directed towards vendor solutions for DB2, as well as towards news and announcements organised by seminar sponsors. 
2. Great speakers
On SQLAdria seminars we have renowned experts from all over the world, most of who have distinguished accolades such as IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Gold Consultant and IBM Champion.
Thomas Beavin,  Curt Cotner, Namik Hrle, Melanie Stopfer,  Daniel Luksetich, Cristian Molaro, Željen Stanić, Cristian Molaro, Susan Lawson, Klaas Brant, Andy Ward, Kurt Struyf, Phil Grainger …..
3. Values
SQLAdria is an independent association of users and a member of IDUG as a Regional User Group (  
Presentations of world-known speakers that regularly hold lectures at IDUG and IBM conferences are also included in the program. For more information, visit 
4. Registration fee
Company members have a right for five free registration fees for every seminar organised by SQLAdria
5. Travel and accommodation fees
Our participants get special offers for travel and accommodation.
6. Informal
 The chance of discussing topics with speakers during breaks gives an added value to every business day spent in a relaxed environment. This way, you don't have to wait in line for hours to get the answers you were looking for.
7. More interaction
Number of participants on SQLAdria seminars is limited. That enables a better interaction during lectures and workshops and allows for more Q&A time.
8. Exchange of ideas and experiences
Like in every other seminar, participants will be able to exchange their experiences with colleagues, CA experts, as well as IBM and other independent gurus, on the topic of relational databases.
9. Venue
Ljubljana is beautiful in March; Šibenik is spectacular in May, as well as Zagreb in September and Opatija in November.
Hotels are among the best in the area, and sponsors give their contribution by enabling relaxed socializing in breaks with additional activities. If the seminar lasts for more than a day, it becomes that much more interesting, since our sponsors often host interesting networking events.
We will be glad if you discover your interest and join our small community. As a member of our organisation, you will have both rights and obligations. Your obligation, apart from paying the annual membership fee, will also be to actively participate in the work of our organisation by promoting the idea of lifelong learning and creative exchange of ideas with the goal of personal and societal development. We will expect you to suggest topics for our seminars and to participate in them. As a member, every company has the chance to send up to five of its employees to every seminar, without paying the participation fee.
If you decide to become a member, we will kindly ask you to send us the membership application as well as a filled company credentials (certified by the authorised person).
After receiving your credentials, we will send you the bill for annual membership. It applies to the calendar year and amounts to € 500. It is paid by the company that is becoming a member of our organisation, while its privileges are used only by company employees by participating on every seminar for free (each company can participate with five employees for free, which amounts to 20 free participations per year).
If you do not want to join us as a member, you can always participate on our seminars by paying for the participation fee (one-day seminars – Ljubljana, Zagreb – 110,00 €, one-day seminar – Dubrovnik – 300,00 €, two-day seminar - 280,00 €, three-day seminar – 600,00 €). 
For every sixth (and following) participant of the seminar from the member company you pay the participation fee according to special prices: one-day seminars – 90,00 €, two-day seminars – 170,00 €, three-day seminars – 280,00 € (early application)/ 380,00 € (late application).
9th April 2019 – one day seminar - Ljubljana
10th April 2019 – one day seminar - Ljubljana
12th April 2019 – one day seminar - Belgrade
26th – 30th May 2019 – European four days seminar – Šibenik
26th September 2019 – one day seminar - Zagreb
28th – 29th November 2019 – two days seminar - Opatija


SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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VODICE -  10th - 13th June 2024