DB2 for z/OS- The Ultimate Database Server

Monday, 12 lipanj, 2006 - 09:30 - 10:15
Namik Hrle

DB2 for z/OS is a true industrial strength database server that satisfies the most demanding requirements for high availability, continuous operations, virtually unlimited number of users and database size, superior scale out and top performance. The world's largest and most challenging installations regularly include DB2 as their prime database management system.
In the recent years DB2 has been under considerable pressure from its competitors, most notably Oracle RAC. They claim to provide the same functionality and quality of service characteristics as DB2. Many in the IT community accept these claims very easily. DB2 specialists are often asked by the business decision makers to articulate DB2 technical advantages and justify the choice of DB2 as the database server.
Why is DB2 for z/OS considered the ultimate database server? What are the technical differentiators by which it stands out, particularly against Oracle RAC? Why should every enterprise infrastructure include DB2 for data serving?
This presentation offers answers to these questions.



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