A Handful of Application Development Goodies in Db2 12

Tuesday, 14 lipanj, 2022 - 15:00 - 16:00
z/OS Track
Emil Kotrč
In this presentation we will focus on the main benefits of Db2 12 from the application developer perspective. In the first part, we will review some of the new SQL features in Db2 12 and we will also discuss their main advantages and possible use cases. The second part of the presentation will be dedicated to other topics related to the application development, especially the continuous delivery model and the performance improvements. We will also show recent application development enhancements delivered in Db2 12 function levels.
1. A brief overview of Db2 12, introduction of continuous delivery from the application developer perspective.
2. Overview of new features related to application development - enhanced MERGE, enhanced Triggers, SQL pagination, improvements in the Temporal tables support, …
3. Recent enhancements in Db2 12 function levels
4. Discussion of other features beneficial for the application development - dynamic plan stability, performance improvements, continuous delivery, …


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