SOA - enabling Your Mainframe Data

Tuesday, 19 lipanj, 2007 - 09:00 - 10:00
Namik Hrle

Service Oriented Architecture is a key enabler for structuring and connecting IT systems in a flexible manner that maps closely to the needs of the organization. SOA often means different things for different participants in the IT ecosystem, but its data aspect is of a crucial importance irrespective of the individual views. In developing SOA solutions, ignoring the state of organization?s data risks exposing data that could be misinterpreted, incomplete, or in some cases, wrong. Data and their inter-relationships are complex, and require understanding and interpretation to expose what is really needed and relevant. A vast amount of business data is managed by mainframes. SOA enables augmenting the value of that data and getting even more from the traditionally rich, secure and highly available computing infrastructure. This presentation will provide an overview of different techniques to unlock the additional value of your mainframe data in the SOA world.



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