Db2 Big SQL 5.x and Roadmap

Wednesday, 29 May, 2019 - 11:30 - 12:30
LUW Track
Les King

Open source and Hadoop continue to grow for many use cases in the market.  Also, there have been some major changes with the big players.  Join us on a deep dive of the latest version of Db2 Big SQL -  Db2 Big SQL 5.0.x.  We have had significant new capabilities become available over multiple releases of Db2 Big SQL 5.0.  Db2 Big SQL is Db2 sitting natively in a Hadoop environment and ready to bring you the capabilities of Db2 for your data in Hadoop.  We will cover security capabilities, how to access data, integration points with Spark and YARN, workload management and much more.  We will also take a look at Db2 Big SQL 6.0 and how our roadmap addresses the merger of Cloudera and Hortonworks.  Your skills in Db2 are an exact match for how to leverage Db2 Big SQL over Hadoop.



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