Derive optimal insight by bringing analytics to your most valuable data

Monday, 5 October, 2020 - 10:30 - 11:30
z/OS Track
Namik Hrle
Z systems host mission critical workloads for many enterprises. The data produced and captured in Z transactional and operational systems contain the most relevant information about the core business in these enterprises and in the era of data driven digital transformation gain even more importance than before. Traditionally, the Z data has been copied into other systems in order to be combined with other data and analysed for deriving the business insight. There are cases when this remains a valid practice, but increasingly, the insight is becoming sensitive to the real-time data, i.e. the staleness introduced by copying the data around negatively affects the quality of derived information and consequently leads to suboptimal business decisions.
Accessing data in-situ, i.e. where it initiated addresses this problem and Z systems include a range of industry leading analytics capabilities that support real-time insight on real-time, most recent state of the data. This presentation will show you how to consume Z data in the most efficient way and derive un-compromised, real-time insight into the the core business processes.


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