Keynote session: Building modern applications with mainframe data

Monday, 4 October, 2021 - 09:30 - 10:30
z/OS Track
Daniel Martin
Building modern, cloud-native applications that access Z data is hard: how to access your precious Db2 for z/OS tables from a public cloud location? how do you ensure low latency response times over these long distances? how do you protect your existing workloads from unforeseen peaks or malicious activity? How do you make sure cross-datacenter traffic is encrypted and secure, at rest and in motion? 
In this talk, I want to take you on a journey on IBMs response to these challenges. We will see how Z data can be explored using IBM's Cloud Pak for Data platform, how this data can be published to a catalog for others to ease discovery and access, and how to implement a read-only cache on the cloud side to co-locate read-intensive applications and their data to for lowest-latency access. We will also see how existing business and applications on Z can be isolated from new read workloads using this cache, and how we plan to extend it to form a natural extension of Db2 for z/OS to the cloud.


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