Big data / Hadoop for dummies

Friday, 10 April, 2015 - 10:15 - 11:30
Eberhard Hechler
Content: Definition and explanation of Big Data and Hadoop, meaning of Big Data and Hadoop, relevance and value to z Systems customers, specifically DB2 for z/OS, key concepts of Big Data and Hadoop, Apache Hadoop ecosystem with key components and initiatives
Abstract: During the past decade, the Apache Hadoop open source community has developed an impressive set of products and tools that represent an important aspect of Big Data. During this introductory presentation, we will explain the term Big Data, its relationship to the Hadoop ecosystem, and corresponding use case scenarios. We will highlight the key Hadoop components, including the latest development of Hadoop 2 with Spark, YARN, and the broad processing paradigms (e.g. batch, interactive, analytics, low latency workloads) that are now possible with Hadoop 2. Most importantly, we will present the business drivers and use cases that have inspired open source innovations, including its value for z Systems clients - specifically DB2 for z/OS clients.


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