Real-Time z Analytics

Friday, 10 April, 2015 - 14:00 - 15:15
Eberhard Hechler
Content: IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator as an enabler for an Operational Data Store (ODS) on z Systems, low-latency replication scenarios, operational analytics for fraud prevention
Abstract: Transactional processing has been the primary processing paradigm on z Systems for years. With the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator, z Systems and specifically DB2 for z/OS clients can broaden the processing scope to include Analytics - even with low latency. This presentation will introduce the key technical aspects of the Accelerator, and how it can be used for real-time / low latency analytics on z Systems. This includes implementations of Operational Data Stores (ODS) for operational analytics for instance for fraud discovery and prevention. In addition, we will describe the IBM SPSS Modeler Server Scoring Adapter for DB2 on z/OS that embeds scoring algorithms directly into IBM DB2 for z/OS transactional data, which enables the real-time scoring of new transactional data as it is created.


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