DB2 High Performance Design and Tuning (DB2 9 Update)

Thursday, 18 June, 2009 (All day)
Susan Lawson



Full Abstract:
Achieving maximum performance from DB2 requires a different approach and stricter methodologies than simply getting a DB2 application to perform well. In today's web and e-business environment the rules have changed and we must find every tuning knob in order to get another transaction through the system. This seminar focuses on specific issues of system design, physical object design, application design and tuning methods used to achieve high performance. The performance techniques of the some of the new object-relational SQL features are also covered. Focus is on the complete set of design points of DB2, and how they will affect performance of your applications. Discover why many old guidelines no longer apply, how old standards can actually hurt us and learn the approaches to systems management and tuning for the DB2 environment. The rules have changed and certainly in DB2 9 there are many more features to take advantage of and to be careful with.




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