Introduction to and Db2 Integration

Tuesday, 11 June, 2024 - 12:15 - 13:15
LUW Track
Kelly Schlamb
The data lakehouse is the latest architecture in the evolution of data management. However, it’s not likely to replace existing data warehouses and will instead bring value by augmenting and optimizing them. As such, it’s important that data professionals, like database administrators and data engineers, understand the lakehouse architecture and its components – many of which are open-source. This includes object storage, open data file and table formats (e.g. Parquet, ORC, and Iceberg), metastores, and query engines, among other things. Db2 Warehouse 11.5.9 meets this world head-on by introducing a new DATALAKE table type, which allows you to create and work with tables in object storage, using open data formats like Parquet and ORC and the Iceberg open table format. Db2 Warehouse 11.5.9 also introduces integration with, IBM’s next generation, fit-for-purpose data store built on an open data lakehouse architecture.  In this session you’ll be introduced to the data lakehouse architecture and the common components seen across lakehouse vendors, with a closer focus on IBM’s data lakehouse platform, Db2 11.5.9 new capabilities and  


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