Top 10 Ways to Waste CPU

Wednesday, 25 June, 2008 - 12:15 - 13:15
Susan Lawson

Discuss the top 10 ways CPU is wasted
Discuss the reason why this is the case
Discuss the technical aspects of DB2 performance
Determine how to find these types of problems
Show and discuss how to prevent these problems

1.Overuse of DB2 Compression
2.Excessive Locking
3.Processing of Data in an SQL Statement
4.Overuse of DISTINCT
5.Inefficient Predicates
6.Inappropriate BIND Parameters
7.Blind Updates
8.Random Distribution/Access
9.Too Many Indexes
10.Black Box I/O Modules

Full Abstract:
During the past several years we have worked with several companies to design high performance databases and applications and have done extensive testing and research on ways to minimize I/O and CPU. Many of those applications and databases are faster than we ever could imagine. However, those are the exception. Too often we see shops with critically CPU constrained environments. Most of these shops have one thing in common: They are wasting CPU. There are some very common ways to do this and we need to look at how you can safely and effectively reduce CPU usage in a DB2 z/OS environment. This presentation will look at the top 10 ways we have seen customers waste enormous amounts of CPU unnecessarily (and unknowingly). A few tuning efforts here and there can improve overall performance and reduce CPU consumption.
Of course every environment is different and processing needs will vary. However, there are still ways to reduce CPU usage through some very practical performance tuning efforts and better design efforts early in the development.



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