Unsung Heroes of the DB2 for z/OS Application Development

Monday, 13 June, 2016 - 16:30 - 17:15
z/OS Track
Emil Kotrč
DB2 is constantly evolving over the years, bringing new features with every new release. It might be hard for the developers and administrators to catch up with all the new useful technologies and possibilities. Often, even the features that are not brand new are not yet fully exploited despite they have a potential to help reducing the costs by improving the performance or making the application simpler. 
This presentation will list and remind some features that might help application developers to use more power of the DB2 engine. The discussed topics will cover advanced SQL like the MERGE statement, SELECT from data change references, multi-row operations, lock avoidance techniques, built-in functions like GENERATE_UNIQUE(), timestamp functions, DB2 supplied stored procedures, and some other smaller tips. 
1. Review some of the new features brought through the DB2 releases. 
2. Advanced SQL statements like MERGE, SELECT FROM table change reference. 
3. Multi-row operations, cursors. 
4. Lock avoidance techniques. 
5. Built-in functions and supplied Stored procedures. 
6. Several smaller tips. 


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