The ABC’s of SQL Performance

Monday, 27 June, 2005 - 10:45 - 12:15
Maria Sarikos

SQL Performance is key to the success of any application, however programmers are often not given the full story and hence queries are not coded in the most optimal way. This session is here to remedy this situation. Part 1 deals with gaining solid in-depth understanding of DB2 EXPLAIN. Filter Factors and Runstats are closely examined and insight is gained into which statistics columns trigger certain optimizer decisions.

Bullet Points
Why is SQL Performance so Important?
DB2 Explain – The Hieroglyphics translated
Understanding Filter Factors
Runstats & the Statistics Tables

In this presentation we take a good look at the optimizer and how it goes about creating access paths. The different types of Joins are examined and the reasons why DB2 chooses certain joins over others. Inner and all the flavours of Outer joins are discussed and how they compare performance-wise to other SQL techniques. And most importantly SQL Coding Do's and Don'ts are examined.

Bullet Points
The Optimizer – Understanding how it thinks!
Joins – The different types, how they work
More on Joins - Inner, Outer, Left & Right Outer
Speeding up Performance – The Do’s and Don’ts



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