DB2 Stored Procedures Part II

Tuesday, 8 June, 2004 - 14:15 - 15:45
Klaas Brant

Stored Procedures, a DBA view - Part I
Although Stored Procedures have been available since DB2 version 4 many shops are now starting to use them. And even if you don’t use them yourself you will probably install some software that will use them. This session will not only explain what they are but also how DBA’s should take care of them. There are many aspects of Stored Procedures from ZPARM settings to Security. This session will give a DBA a jumpstart but also some food for thought when starting with Stored Procedures. Topics covered are:
a.What are SP’s and how do I deal with them
b.DDL parameters
d.Programs and binding

Stored Procedures, a Programmer view - Part II
Stored Procedures are programs executed by DB2. But there are many aspects to programming Stored Procedures. Which parameter style to use. What programming language to use. What are the pitfalls and what are smart techniques. In this session you will see it all. From making the right choices to advanced techniques like Stored Procedures which call each other or the use of temporary tables. Armed with this knowledge you should be able to get going with Stored Procedures in no-time. Topics covered are:
a.Programming languages
b.Types and parameters
c.Programming aspects
e.Use of temp tables
f.Development Center



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