SQL Performance Under the Microscope Part II

Tuesday, 8 June, 2004 - 10:45 - 12:15
Maria Sarikos

Fact #1- SQL is the only way an application can get data from DB2 (outside of utilities).
Fact #2 - SQL can make DB2 fly or crawl.
Fact #3 - 70% of the performance gains can be achieved by tuning SQL

During this presentation you will get a better understanding of how DB2 dissects SQL. We delve into the mechanics of the DB2 optimiser. DB2 EXPLAIN is explained – this helps the programmer gain insight on how the SQL will perform. Accounting Records offer vital information about how efficient the SQL actually is, here we look at what to concentrate on to spot problems quickly. And finally we have a look at best practise techniques on how to write good SQL.

Part I
The Anatomy of an SQL statement
Predicate processing
Join Processing
Stage 1 vs Stage 2 – Important things you need to know
Explaining EXPLAIN

Part II
Impact of Locking on SQL Performance
Working with Optimization Hints
Accounting Records
Best Practice Techniques for writing SQL



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