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Since more than 30 years the primary responsibility of A. Goetschy is to ensure full availability, optimum performance and integrity of the DBMS's (IMS and DB2) and the data within his company (UBS AG, formerly Swiss Bank Corporation).
He is in charge of the development of tools (such as DBICF, DB2ICF...) which enable  to keep our DBMS's and our data reliable and available and  allow to other groups (operations and applications) to more easily perform their daily backup-, recovery-, maintenance-, housekeeping-, prototyping-, and performance-tasks. André Goetschy is a regular and successful speaker at the IBM IMS/DB2 Technical Conferences in Europe as well as a frequent speaker at IDUG Europe and has won the award of 'Best European User Speaker' in Berlin 1995 with the presentation 'How to relieve Batch-Window-Constraints' which has also been held by him at IDUG/Dallas in 1996.

Past presentation
27 junij 2005
16:30 - 17:30
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2005 How healthy are our DB2 catalogs?

This presentation shows the real and often surprising results of analysing DB2 environments in representative DB2 for OS/390 installations (Banks, Insurance, Industry and Cross Service Companies) in Europe and USA.The most common discrepancies and inconsistencies affecting the availability, the performance and  the reliability of DB2 will be reported as well as their reasons, impacts and possible ways to solve or palliate them.


Presentation about the investigations done in order to detect discrepancies and inconsistencies affecting the following areas of concern:
 Catalog size
 Catalog  reliability and consistency  
 Space saving
 Application/utility Concurrency  
 CPU and IO performance
 Resource availability and data recoverability  
 Parallel-sysplex datasharing
 DB2 Upgrades
 Security handling
 Change management and housekeeping

Presentation of the discrepancies and inconsistencies encountered in representative DB2 for OS/390 installations (Banks, Insurance, Industry and Cross Service Companies) in Europe and USA.

Report of 'very often', 'often' and 'rarely' encountered discrepancies and inconsistencies and a rating of the benefits of resolving them.



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