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Drago Belak is an Enterprise Architect and Project Manager working for the IBM over 20 years with experience in financial sector solutions over 25 years and over 15 years in retail, health, pharma, energy and other industries with development and system engineering backgrounds during his career.

Currently actively leading Digital transformation implementations of IBM solutions at several IBM enterprise customers working with DevOps teams.

Hands-on with Db2 since 1993 db2 v1.2 and in Db2 community best known for leading IBM team for WW first Temenos T24 Db2 implementation (pureXML, HADR) for large OLTP environments and leading IBM team for WW first of a kind for HTAP using Db2 zOS with IDAA project.

Past presentation
09 april 2018
12:15 - 13:00
SQLAdria Seminar - Ljubljana 2018 Db2 Download & Go experience
The new “Download and Go” experience with IBM Db2 Developer Community Edition :
  • Small download (Docker image) : less than15 minutes from “I want” to “I got”
  • Platform specific executable : Mac, Windows, Linux
  • From 10+ screens and 10+ mandatory input fields to 3 clicks and userID/pwd input only



SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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