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Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije

I graduated applied mathematics in 1987 on Faculty of Science and Technology. As a scholar of Iskra Delta's education center, my first job was C programming language tutor in development of tools for IDA database. At that time I was working as a teaching assistant on Faculty of Economy in Ljubljana in the area of databases, and have decided to take andragogic education on Faculty of Philosophy.

From 1990 – development of commercial applications (Hotel information system) based on relational database Ingres, administration of database, teaching and managing education for Ingres, tech customer support, Case tools (Erwin), tech support for CA's tools for control and management of information systems (Unicenter TNG, Service Desk, Inoculan, Software Delivery, Asset Management, ARCServe, Jasmineii Portal).

From 2006 – ZZZS, Department for development, Design Engineer in the area of Salaries Refund (last two years administrator of ETL tools)

Past presentation
13 april 2012
15:00 - 15:30
SQLAdria Seminar - Ljubljana 2012 User them: Loading a Data Warehouse

The data warehouse/business intelligence (DW/BI) system continues to be one of the most organizationally complex and technically interesting IT projects.
In ZZZS we are trying to follow Kimball recommendations in establishing our Data Warehouse. By now ZZZS ‘s business intelligence was applied to the following business areas:
• Absenteeism
• AOR (Health receipts)
• SPP (Pondering and comapring expensses of Medical Material)
• STIRA (Medicaments)
Delivering data to DW for AOR and SPP is already automated and in our presentation we want to share our experinence in implementing the ‘back room’ of Data Warehouse.




SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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