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Andreas joined IBM in 1999 as developer in the Db2/SAP porting at SAP in Walldorf. He helped to port SAP Business Warehouse to Db2. Later on Andreas provided technical sales support to the world wide IBM Db2 sales team and helped to close major Db2 deals with customers like Disney, Unilever and Siemens. In 2006 Andreas joined the SAP/Db2 Center of Excellence team where he helped customers to run Proof of Concepts with Db2. Later on he moved into a team lead position for America and later in for Europe. Starting 2018 Andreas joined the Digital Technical Engagenment team and supports the Hybrid Data Management product portfolie with special focus on Db2, MongoDB, and Cloud Pak for Data

Past presentation
08 April 2020
15:30 - 16:30
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2020 Db2 on Cloud Pak for Data and Cloud Pak for Data
IBM® Cloud Pak for Data is a cloud-native solution that enables you to put your data to work quickly and efficiently. 
Your enterprise has data. Lots of data. You need to use your data to generate meaningful insights that can help you avoid problems and reach your goals.
But your data is useless if you can't trust it or access it. Cloud Pak for Data lets you do both by enabling you to connect to your data, govern it, find it, and use it for analysis. Cloud Pak for Data also enables all of your data users to collaborate from a single, unified interface that supports a large number of services that are designed to work together.
Cloud Pak for Data fosters productivity by enabling users to find existing data or to request access to data. With modern tools that facilitate analytics and remove barriers to collaboration, users can spend less time finding data and more time using it effectively.
The session includes a demo that shows you how you can provision a new Db2 database in Cloud Pak for Data and how you can work with that database.

08 April 2020
13:45 - 15:15
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2020 Db2‐Go programming lab
Docker, Kubernetes and many other products are implemented in the Go language. Since Go is in the top ranks of most wanted programming languages, this tutorial provides an introduction to Go and explains how to write Db2-based Go applications. You work with the Db2-Go API and learn how to implement programs that retrieve data from Db2 and also modify data. In addition, you get experience with Visual Studio Code and it's Db2 specific extensions. You access a virtual machine in the Cloud that has all required software pre-installed and can be used free of charge for up to one week.
In this tutorial, you will explore the following key capabilities: 
  • On overview of the Go programming language 
  • How to access Db2 from an application written in the Go language to retrieve data and to modify data. 
  • How to work with Visual Studio Code and it's Db2 specific extensions



SQL Adria is the independent, non-profit organization that gathers relational database users for Croatia and Slovenia. It was founded 1994. and in the same year it has become the regional user group.

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