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Mateja works as a Systems Analyst at Informatika d.d. in Slovenia. She has over 20 years experience in application developing and programming. Her skills include: requirement specifications, data modelling, database design, analysis, programming, project management for a transaction system and datawarehouse. Recently her main occupation is data architecture (data modeling, data modeling standards and procedures, reversee engineering, synchronizing data models…).She has been a speaker at IDUG and SQL Adria Conference.

Past presentation
23 September 2011
14:45 - 15:30
SQLAdria Seminar – Zagreb 2011 A reconstruction of 'AS IS' data model

Dynamic world of business needs to better define data. There’s a critical need for data architecture and blueprint. We often forget that it is a living framework. An accurate, transparent and accessible view of metadata should be created. The value of data modeling is expanding. Both logical and physical data models can support more than databases.

Usually an enterprise has a very complicated data architecture. Most of the data are held in large legacy or package systems.
The work involved in defining and implementing data governance in an organization is not trivial. It’s hard to begin a new initiative, but we can profit by identifying existing assets.
There is no need to start from scratch with a blank sheet of paper. Often a simple redesign of a current process can deliver a desirable result. Modeling the ‚AS IS‘ data architecture can be extremely useful.
For Informatika d.d. the reconstruction of existing data models was a challenge and some experiences will be presented.

23 September 2005
13:45 - 14:15
SQLAdria Seminar – Zagreb 2005 Data Warehouse building and usage example



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