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Pavla Robnik Filipič is a recognized specialist for business modelling with a long and extensive consultancy experience. She worked on a number of complex projects for large business systems in various industries (from maritime, manufacturing and electro distribution to wholesales, banking and government).
Her professional career started with application design and programming, followed with logical data modelling and data base design and then with the project management of information systems development and IT solutions implementation.
She has been continuing her professional development as a highly successful consultant for application of approaches, methodologies and tools for information systems planning, logical data modelling, information systems architecture and business modelling using later as »a tool« for the intensive involvement of business managers and business domaine experts in the processes of business system requirements for IT solutions development. For the last eighteen years she has been employed in AD consulting.

Past presentation
11 April 2008
14:15 - 15:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2008 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Provide some recomendations how to achieve higher level of success in the projects of BI solutions and DW development.

Traditional and modern DW development
Business and organisational issues
Multiple applications and multiple DB sources complexity
Data quality, data cleansing and consolidation
Design layer architecture
Some recomendations for the usage of design layer architecture in the BI solution development process

Full Abstract:
Multiple data sources, need for reliable and timely reporting and growing business requirements for ad-hoc reporting are most often the reason why companies start DW and BI projects. DW modeling methodologies and OLAP based BI solutions are nowadays widely used by a number of companies. However, due to poor data quality, redundancy, inconsistency and complexity of transactional data, business needs are often not met. On the other hand, faster changes in business environment lead to ever higher business expectations.
This presentation will start with an overwiew of basic principles of developing traditional as well as modern DW solutions. It will then continue with some typical issues  that we have been meeting during our consultancy on DW development projects.
Besides organisational and business issues, application systems complexity and inconsistent business terminology are major underlying reasons for most of the problems. The last part of the  presentation will include recomendations how to resolve some of the most critical problems regarding the usage of design layer modelling architecture. Design layer architecure will be outlined as the method for simplification, better understanding and  easier control of the whole DW and BI solution development process.



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