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Christoph is working as Senior Solutions Advisor for Rocket Software Inc. and located in Germany.
Before joining Rocket in 2021, Christoph worked for three decades for IBM. Starting in IBM’s Global Services unit in 1991 Christoph worked in several client engagements - the majority related to Db2 on the Mainframe - as application developer, database administrator, architect, and consultant.
In the last couple of years Christoph's role in IBM shifted to a Client Technical Specialist.
This means that the primary focus was on making Db2 z/OS users more familiar with new features and functions but also with new analytics capabilities of Db2 for z/OS and related products.
In Rocket Software, Christoph supports Db2 for z/OS Tools customers, especially users of IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 for z/OS and Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS, and helps them to get the most from their Db2 for z/OS Tools.
Additional areas of Christoph's special interest are logical and physical database design, Db2 application programming and modernization as well as Db2 connectivity, encryption, SQL programming and tuning. Christoph has presented several times on IDUG conferences and local user groups about client modernization and Db2 connectivity
Past presentation
14 June 2023
11:30 - 12:30
European SQLAdria Seminar – Vodice 2023 The Definite Guide to PBG to PBR conversion with Db2 v13
There are many challenges and restrictions with UTS PBG table spaces as they grow large, e.g., degradation of insert and query performance, limited partition level utility support, managing indexes (they are all NPI), and much more.
One of the key features of Db2 V13 is the ability to convert a UTS PBG table space to a UTS PBR RPN tablespace as a pending alter where the application outage is limited to the switch phase and any REBINDs. In this presentation we explore all the details: why convert, how to convert, limitations and restrictions, and some non-scientific measurements.

13 June 2023
15:45 - 16:30
European SQLAdria Seminar – Vodice 2023 Db2 Connect – basics of setup and license configuration

15 June 2022
10:00 - 11:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Vodice 2022 The 101 of Db2 Client Configuration
IBM encourages Db2 customers to move away from Db2 Connect Servers and "fat" Db2 Clients towards more lightweight Db2 Data Server Driver packages. However, there is still a lot of questions how database connections can be configured in these lightweight Driver packages without a traditional Db2 catalog. 
This presentation shows the power of the db2cli tool and how it helps to administer the various configuration files. We also discuss how ODBC on Windows and on Linux can easily be configured with the db2cli tool.
For Db2 z/OS and Db2 LUW audience.

14 June 2022
11:00 - 11:45
European SQLAdria Seminar – Vodice 2022 Your Db2 clients - fit for the Db2 for z/OS continuous delivery era

Db2 for z/OS continuous delivery constantly introduces new features and meanwhile started depreciation of existing. This also affects the Db2 for z/OS clients landscape. Continuous delivery introduces new opportunities but also challenges for client applications and their configuration. This presentation gives an overview what you should consider to make your Db2 clients ready for the continuous delivery era. It also discusses other important trends and directions for Db2 for z/OS clients such as the future of Db2 Connect Gateways; IBM Data Studio and related tools.

05 October 2021
11:00 - 11:45
European SQLAdria Seminar – Šibenik 2021 REST without stress - how to secure Db2 for z/OS REST services (and Db2 for z/OS in general) via AT-TLS

More and more Db2 for z/OS users require AT-TLS encryption for their Db2 connections. However, there is still a lot of confusion which steps are necessary to configure the z/OS components as well as Db2 clients for AT-TLS connections. This becomes even more complicated if client certificate authentication against Db2 for z/OS is required. This presentation describes the essential steps on the z/OS side (with RACF, TCP/IP and Db2 involved) as well on the client side (with Java and non-Java applications) to achieve this goal. Special focus is on securing Db2 REST services and accessing them from Java and non-Java applications via AT-TLS.



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