Maja Kovač

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IBM Croatia Ltd, Croatia
IT Specialist/Advisory+

Engaged primary in large IGS projects as consultant, IT specialist, solution designer or project leader I am also the first level support for Croatian Support Line Contract customers, guest instructor in IBM School and consultant in the area of z/OS operating system and z/OS middleware products, including z/OS database products IMS/DB/DC and DB2, DB2 cross platform products and Business Intelligence Solutions.
I have over thirty years of experience in the IBM Large Systems area including IBM Paralell Sysplex technology and IBM information managemet systems IMS/DB/TM and DB2 for z/OS.

Past presentation
16 April 2010
11:00 - 11:45
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2010 Advanced security options

Numerous initiatives and regulations indicate what needs to be protected, but little or no guidance is given to help organizations define and implement protections. The database professional is placed in an awkward situation, the business demanding compliance and protection, but few specific instructions exist to guide their attempts to conform to these demands. This presentation will give the overview of Data Server Security Functions with focus on encryption and auditing and provide information on DB2 for z/OS encryption and auditing solutions.

16 April 2010
10:15 - 11:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2010 DB2 z/OS 9 Migration and experiences

DB2 9 for z/OS has many new features. This presentation will discuss planning to migrate to DB2 9 and preparing to use the new functions. Migration proces and recommendations from many customers will be emphasized with pointers to more information. Presentation will provide additional planning information, hints and tips, share lessons learned, suprises and pitfalls and information on new enhancements.

23 September 2005
12:00 - 12:45
SQLAdria Seminar – Zagreb 2005 How to build a Data Warehouse



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