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John Lyle has worked for IBM at the Silicon Valley Laboratory in the Db2 organization since 1985. Joining Db2 development in 1995, he has worked in the RDS area focusing mostly on the Db2 system catalog, igration and fallback and the data definitional language (DDL) areas as well as the index manager area. He has been the lead designer and implementer of the catalog and fallback changes since V5 and has worked on numerous other development items over the years. John was the lead designer for Db2 9's Clone table function. In V8 - 11 John was the Utility lead for all of the ENFM changes that were made to the Db2 catalog and directory. In V12 John was a development  leader and designer in the move to Db2's new continuous development process and also the new Online Migration capabilities. John is currently working in Db2's Provisioning-Deployment-Migration team as the team leader.  

Past presentation
05 October 2021
15:00 - 16:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Šibenik 2021 Get ready for Db2 for z/OS Vnext - Become an AI Ready Enterprise
IBM continues to deliver significant new features and enhancements to Db2 for z/OS. Db2 is one of the most successful products in the world of software, it has survived over three decades by adapting and innovating. We understand our customer needs and wants. we know how important security, availability, reliability and performance is for our customers. At the same time,  Db2 for z/OS is market driven and continues to innovate, exploiting the latest technologies such as AI, cloud, and machine learning to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. 
This session will help you plan your migration and ensure you are ready to exploit VNext as quickly as possible. 

04 October 2021
14:00 - 15:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Šibenik 2021 Business and Technical Value of Top Ten Features in Db2 12 for z/OS Continuous Delivery
One of the most valuable resources for modern businesses is business critical data.  Data can be used to provide insight into every facet of the business from operations to market trends. Powerful data enables effective and efficient business decision making and your enterprise  data is only as powerful as your ability to harness it. Storing, analyzing, and managing data in today’s world is a enormous undertaking as the amount of data continues to explode.   
Everyone knows that Db2 12 introduced a continuous delivery model so that we can be more responsive to our clients' needs. As a result we have delivered over 100 new enhancements in the maintenance stream to date including many features that increase availability, scalability and performance, and address the future of mobile and cloud computing.



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