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Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Siniša works in Zagrebačka banka as a BI Software Specialist since 2005. His major occupation on his work is developing ETL modules for Banking DataWarehouse (BDW) combinig SQL, DB2 and SAS knowledge, designing and expanding DW structure, analysing and testing data. In last few month mostly Siniša has been working on BDW ETL automation, optimizing their processes and on project between ZABA and other UnicredtiGroup members. In 2005. Siniša graduated in Business and Econimics. His professional interests are decision support systems, credit risk management, A&L management. ). He spoke at HRoug conference in 2006.| Mario is senior software specialist and since 2003. works in Zagrebačka banka. He graduated in 2001. at Faculty of organization and informatics Varazdin. Mario is responsable for DW design as well as load process design. Aditionaly his work consists of optimization and automation ETL program modules, integration of new tools and techonlogies and bussines solutions. He is specialy intrested in customer intelligence and data quality issues.

Past presentation
11 April 2008
15:00 - 15:30
SQLAdria Seminar – Ljubljana 2008 User theme: DW Challenge: Processing More Data in Less Time

In this presentation we are going to talk about main purpose for implementing DW – decision support system. Also descusion will take point in explaining pre(post) implemntation problems, growing demands and ways how they were solved. Furthermore presentation will cover overviewof ZABA DW architecture and improvements gained from implementing BI technology in Zagrebacka bank.

System architecture
Gains and improvements

Full Abstract:
Lack of information? Your competition understands their client needs better then you do? Don’t have clear picture of your expenses? This are some questions for witch BI technology must provide answer. In financial industry time is critical, if you don’t provide exactly what client need, someone else will. Distributing information at the right time to the right people in right format is essential for decision making. This is one of the main reason to start implementing BI technologies. In order to do that you have to centralize your data (DW) and work on data quality 24/7. In our paper we will clarify ZABA’s data environment on which DW was build (implementation problems, platform, software, organization etc....), implemented mechanisms that help us to improve ETL processes and DW monitoring, including gains and improvements review. In the end we will discuss about our future layout for developing our BI processes.



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