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Philippe has 15 Years of MVS System engineering skills combined with 10 years of DB2 system administration. His experience has been acquired in bank and insurance companies but also in the Software and Hardware world (Amdahl, Computer Associates, Landmark). Philippe now works for the European Patent Office as DB2 System Administrator. He is in charge of DB2 system maintenance and tuning and is Technical Project Leader for ERP and Package software applications.

Past presentation
28 June 2005
16:00 - 17:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2005 Stored Procedures

Although Stored Procedures are starting to become established in some application architectures, it is still considered by many as something either to new or not valuable.
This session will provides a walk through into the world of the DB2 stored procedures.
We will focus on

The environment setup needed to run Stored Procedures
The performance aspects. (When to use them and when to avoid them)
The 'political' issues from a DBA point of view?
Some interesting IBM supplied stored procedures.

09 June 2004
12:15 - 13:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2004 SAP and DB2 – Mission Impossible or Pretty Woman?

SAP is challenging at the best of times and it definitely requires a different DBA mindset to deal with it! SAP is now quite prolific and can now be found in most shops, but not all have SAP running on DB2 on OS/390 and z/OS. At the European Patent Office we are users of SAP. During this presentation a SAP overview will be given. SAP workload characteristics and challenges are discussed. And you will also be given an insightful view of the Housekeeping, Monitoring and Tuning issues you can encounter.

07 June 2004
16:15 - 17:15
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2004 My experience with the DB2 V8 ESP program

Ever run a DB2 beta? Curious about how it’s done and what’s involved? This presentation discusses what an ‘ESP’ (Early Support Program) is and how we the European Patent Office set up our ESP environment. It also delves into the issues we encountered with Unicode, problems we had during the install, and frankly talks about the milestones we set ourselves for testing and how they were achieved, and finally the results of our testing.

11 June 2003
09:00 - 10:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2003 Data Replication: Objectives and Solutions

Data Replication is one of the actual emerging concern for the modern DBA.
From the standard solutions to the Hardware and Software variations, from the point in time to the asynchronous copy, this presentation will take a walk though the complexity and diversity of data replication.

09 June 2003
16:15 - 17:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2003 Application Development Outsourcing: mind the traps !

More and more companies are interested by using outsourcing services for their application development.
This new approach offers new prospective but also reveals a lot of new considerations that need to be evaluate.
From the management to the technical point of view, this presentation will describe the milestones needed to avoid the traps.

13 June 2001
10:15 - 11:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2001 Dynamic SQL Tuning: Yes you can!



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