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Julian is a highly experienced DB2 consultant with over 25 years relational database experience working with a number of clients within the insurance, telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing sectors. In that time he has gained a significant amount of practical knowledge in many aspects of IBM's Information Management products, including experience in application programming, database administration, technical architecture, performance tuning and systems programming. He has also managed large database support teams, DBA teams and systems programming teams. More recently, he has specialised in supporting large-scale implementations of SAP on DB2 for z/OS.
Julian possesses excellent communication skills and regularly makes technical presentations to major DB2 events both in the UK and abroad, winning the Best Overall Speaker award at the 2000 International DB2 User Group meeting. He is also an IBM Gold Consultant, an IBM Red Book author, and IBM Data Champion and a regular instructor for IBM education classes throughout Europe. He is also a past President of IDUG (International DB2 User Group).
Past presentation
29 May 2014
09:00 - 16:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2014 DB2 for z/OS Memory Management Masterclass

This class will consist of a comprehensive look at the architecture, management and performance tuning issues associated with DB2 for z/OS system storage, and is aimed at DB2 for z/OS Systems Programmers and DBAs wishing to enhance their knowledge of DB2 memory management and tuning in V9, V10 and beyond.
Attendees will leave with a good understanding of how to monitor and tune critical storage areas including Bufferpools, the EDM Pool, the Dynamic Statement Cache and the Coupling Facility. Both Virtual and Real Storage tuning will be covered in-depth and at the end we’ll peek into the near future with a look at how DB2 11 and zEC12 hardware improvements will impact DB2 memory management.

27 May 2014
13:00 - 14:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2014 DB2 11 for z/OS: Easing Upgrade Anxiety

Despite compelling business benefits to upgrade to new versions of DB2 for z/OS, many customers are unable to schedule migration projects in a timely manner. Two of the major issues responsible for these delays are scheduling the necessary remedial work to address any application incompatibilities introduced in the new release, and obtaining suitable change slots to allow the upgrade itself to proceed.

This presentation provides an overview of the new features introduced in DB2 11 for z/OS that are intended to address these issues, and allow customers to upgrade their DB2 systems more quickly and with less disruption than before

26 May 2014
11:15 - 13:15
European SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2014 Time Travelling in DB2 10 for z/OS

Industry regulations and competitive pressures are prompting IT managers to maintain more data for longer periods of time and to provide better ways for business users to analyse past, current, and future events. The new temporal table support in DB2 10 for z/OS enables the database to keep track of both business and system events, making application development and maintenance simpler and more cost effective. In this presentation, Julian will provide an overview of DB2 10’s unique temporal capabilities and explore some of the business benefits they can provide



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