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Roger E. Sanders is a Principal World-Wide Technical Enablement Leader focused onData and Artificial Intelligence (Data and AI) at IBM. He is also the author of 26 books on relational database technology (25 on Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows; one on ODBC) and one book on technical writing. He has worked with Db2 since it was first introduced on the IBM PC as part of OS/2 1.3 Extended Edition (1991) and he has been designing and developing databases and database applications for more than 40 years. Roger also authored a regular column (“Distributed DBA”) in IBM Data Magazine (formerly DB2 Magazine) for 10 years and has written numerous tutorials and articles for IBM’s developerWorks website, as well as publications like Certification Magazine , Database Trends and Applications , and IDUG Solutions Journal. He has delivered a variety of educational seminars and presentations at Db2-related conferences around the world, and he participated in the development of 25 Db2 certification exams.

From 2008 until he joined IBM in 2015, Roger was recognized as an IBM Champion; in 2012, he received recognition as an IBM developerWorks Master Author, Level 2 (only four individuals, worldwide, received this distinction), and in 2021, he was recognized as an IBMRed Books Platinum Author.

Past presentation
15 June 2023
09:00 - 16:00
European SQLAdria Seminar – Vodice 2023 Using Db2 and Watson Studio as a Service to perform data analysis in the cloud
There is a bias among many database administrators (DBAs) that the public cloud is not secure enough or robust enough to support mission-critical databases. Consequently, storing data in the cloud is not an option they want to explore. It feels better knowing the databases they’re responsible for sit on powerful servers behind company firewalls, and that they have complete control over their database environments. But, after a few years of running other workloads in the cloud, organizations are confirming that the benefits often touted - availability, cost reduction, and flexible scalability to name a few – live up to the hype that cloud computing promises. Consequently, the use of private, public, and hybrid cloud computing is increasing, and it is apparent that the migration of mission-critical databases to the cloud is inevitable.
This hands-on workshop is designed to give participants an opportunity to "test the cloud waters" by provisioning a Db2 on Cloud Lite (free) plan database on the IBM Cloud, creating a couple of tables and populating them with historical airline delay information gathered from all airports in the United States, and analyzing that data using the IBM Watson Studio Lite (free) plan in the IBM Cloud to determine whether the perceived increase in flight delays last year (2022) was an illusion that was fostered by the significant reduction in travel caused by the Coronavirus pandemic during 2020 and 2021, or, in fact, a reality.
In addition to performing hands-on exercises, workshop participants will learn about industry trends in cloud adoption, how to migrate existing on-premises Db2 databases to a cloud environment, how to use Jupyter Notebook – a tool that is popular with data scientists – to interact with a Db2 on Cloud database, and how to take advantage of “containerized” Db2 databases to speed an organization’s digital transformation / application modernization efforts.



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