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Datenzentrale Baden-Wuerttemberg

Georg Peter is a database administrator at Datenzentrale in Germany. In his role he is responsible for database design, data validation and security procedures, data recovery, performance monitoring and tuning.
His responsibilities cover the general administration of the whole database environment (DB2 for z/OS and other data base systems) at Datenzentrale.
Georg has been working with DB2 for OS/390 since Version 1.3.
He also served on several technology forums and boards like IDUG®, GSE German DB2 G.U.I.D.E., Platinum German and European User Groups and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING.
Georg has been a speaker at conferences held by the above-mentioned associations and by CA.

Past presentation
22 June 2008
17:10 - 18:00
SQLAdria Seminar – Dubrovnik 2008 Find And Fix Performance Problems

The presentation describes how Datenzentrale uses a powerful, comprehensive DB2 for z/OS application performance analysis tool to optimize static and dynamic SQL.

Monitor every SQL statement that is processed by our DB2 system(s), 24 hours a day
Collect static and dynamic SQL
Identifyresource-intensive application programs and SQL statements
Evaluate application performance at multiple levels of granularity
Show SQL exceptions and error conditions
Provide real-time and historical performance data
Minimize development costs by identifying poorly performing SQL during the application development cycle

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